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 Pennsylvania Legislature Addresses Runaway School Roofing Costs

Representative Kerry Benninghof (District 171) sent a memorandum to his House colleagues encouraging them to support legislation to control runaway school roofing costs.

“In the near future, I plan to introduce legislation that will save school districts, local governments and ultimately taxpayers across the Commonwealth significant money…Currently, school districts and local governments can use Cooperative Purchasing Agreement for roofing construction and renovations. Pennsylvania is one of 23 states that use cooperative purchasing agreements for roofing construction…By eliminating the use of cooperative purchasing agreements and competitively bidding roofing projects at the local level, we can ensure that the taxpayer dollars are being utilized in the most judicious and responsible manner…Please join me and cosponsor this legislation. Thank you!”  (See the full text of Rep. Benninghof’s message HERE.)

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