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The Association for Responsible and Ethical Procurement’s (AREP) mission is to reform the current use of procurement processes.  Our proposed reform solutions would increase healthy competition, increase transparency in the system and ultimately save taxpayer dollars.  AREP – leveling the playing field.

View an Intro Video HERE – clips from TV news programs in Ohio, New Jersey, Arizona, Oklahoma, and California, all reporting about overcharges and excessive costs for school roofing projects, resulting from the misapplication of cooperative procurement programs to capital improvement projects – and resulting in taxpayers and school children paying the price for inefficiencies in a flawed system.

Are You Overspending on School Roofing Costs?  Find out HERE

Background Information

Cooperative procurement is a public procurement method whereby a single agency has gone through the procurement (bid) process to establish a contract for an item or groups of products, and then issued an award or awards to several vendors which can be used by members of the cooperative for a fixed period of time. Theoretically, this system should allow members to acquire goods and/or services at the best possible price by achieving economies of scale and creating an aggregate demand to obtain lower prices from selected suppliers.

While this issue is happening all over the country, here is a report from Pennsylvania. Pennsylvania Low Slope Roofing Assessment: August 17, 2010 by Ducker Worldwide

Model Terms for Public Procurement Contracts

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