News Reports about Cooperative Procurement

Below is a list of news articles about various issues relating to cooperative procurement.

Pennsylvania: Slippery Rock School District Lawsuit vs Tremco – Butler PA Eagle and Legal Newsline reports on Slippery Rock PA school district lawsuit vs Tremco, WTI, and RPM, alleging defective roofing materials.

Maryland: State Auditor’s Report on Baltimore County Schools – Baltimore Sun report about the Marlyand Legislative Audit Agency’s report on deficiencies in Baltimore County Schools’ contracting process.

Minnesota: State Auditor’s Office Reports Violations in St. Cloud Schools Roofing Contracts – St Cloud Times article about bidding practices that may have violated two state statutes, including one that calls for competitive bidding.  Critics also say district may have overspent by $4 million on $12 million of work.

Engineering Law and Cooperative Purchasing for Roofing in North Carolina – North Carolina engineering firm’s article about cooperative procurement for roofing projects and how the process violates many states’  requirements for A&E services in public projects. 

California: San Francisco Schools Excessive Roofing Cost – San Francisco Chronicle article about California public school districts spending millions too much annually by employing cooperative procurement processes to replace or repair hundreds of school roofs.

Texas: Professional Roofing Standards Council Press Release – Press release about how hearing testimony related to TX-HB 800 will reveal how closed bidding costs Texas taxpayers millions in “sweetheart” roofing deals.

Texas: Governor’s Strike Force Report on Purchasing Practices Abuse – American Statesman Governor’s report criticizes a state agency’s purchasing practices, citing a cooperative contracts program that excludes competitive bidding.