News Videos about Cooperative Procurement Issues

Below is a list of video clips from TV news programs, introducing a variety of examples of the problems with cooperative procurement in roofing and construction.  (Click on the title to view the video.)

Roofing Contractor Testimonial – Small Business Owner Excluded by CP Process – From a small business owner who was adversely affected by the cooperative procurement process, because she was not able to submit a competitive bid for a contract in her own city. This video explains the cooperative procurement process and discusses a case example of overspending in the Roanoke, VA schools’ roofing projects, and how the taxpayers and school children in one school system paid the ultimate price for inefficiencies in a flawed system.

Ohio, New Jersey, Arizona, Oklahoma, California – Roofing Cost in the NewsStories from five states describing excessive roofing costs  in  schools and public buildings resulting from use of the cooperative procurement process.

Federal Government – $61 Million Settlement for Overcharging GSA – U.S. Department of Justice lawsuit against Tremco, accused of overcharging GSA for roofing on public buildings, resulted in a $61 million settlement payment by Tremco, and imposition of a three-year Administrative Compliance Agreement requiring periodic reporting to GSA by Tremco.

Maryland – Baltimore County Schools Roofing Costs – WBAL I-Team Story on the AEPA-Tremco use of the cooperative procurement process, and the resulting excessive costs to taxpayers; includes discussion of an independent study comparing cooperative procurement to open-bid procurement. (See full study details HERE.)