Advocacy Kit

Below is a variety of information that can be used in advocating for reforming cooperative procurement.  (Click on the title to download the document.)

Are You Overspending on School Roofing Costs? – This is a concise review of the features of cooperative purchasing which result in the overspending of taxpayers’ dollars, based on a study comparing school roofing costs via a purchasing cooperative’s contract versus competitive open-bid contracts.

RCI Position Statement – Public Procurement Principles – RCI statement advocating public procurement processes that mandate the open selection of goods, services, and construction contracts on the basis of qualifications, and opposing such procurement on the sole basis of fees, costs, and/or proprietary specifications.

Obtaining Federal and State Government Records – Making Freedom of Information (FOIA) Requests – AREP has compiled a number of resources related to requesting information from federal and state records. This link lists websites with detailed information and procedures for these requests, and includes sample letters for making requests.