Below is a list of legislation relating to responsible procurement.  (Click on the title to download the document.)

California Bill AB 635 – Legislation Prohibits Proprietary Specifications and Requires Disclosure of Financial Relationship Among Vendors – Legislation prohibits proprietary specifications in public contracts for roof projects; also requires “an architect, engineer, roofing consultant, and other specified persons or entities, and a materials manufacturer, contractor, or vendor involved in a bid or proposal for a roof project, to complete and sign a certification related to financial relationships in connection with such a roof project.”

Oklahoma Senate Bill 630 – Outlines Contract Provisions for Public Procurement – Legislation relating to sole source purchase contracts; amending law which relates to competitive bidding; modifying certification requirements; authorizing substitution of certain products; prohibiting purchasing restrictions to certain geographical areas.

Texas State Code – Excludes from Cooperative Purchasing A&E Services and Roofing Construction, Repair, or Replacement – Legislation relating to an interlocal contract between a governmental entity and a purchasing cooperative to purchase roofing materials or services; an interlocal contract between a governmental entity and a purchasing cooperative may not be used to purchase: (1) engineering or architectural services; or (2) roofing materials or services, including materials or services for construction, repair, or replacement of a roof.

Virginia House Bill 1835 – Excludes All Construction and A&E Services from Cooperative Procurement – Legislation that excludes all construction, and architecture or engineering services, from cooperative procurement agreements.